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Custom Garage Floors



Integral Color Stains

100's of Epoxy Colors and Flake Patterns

Top Coat with a durable Polyurethane Enamel

For more information look under Custom Garage Floor Tab

Does not look like a coating system

  40 different colors to choose from Look under Integral Color Stains tab

There is nothing we are limited to perform. EPOXIES / URETHANES / POLYUREAS & ANTI-MOLD/BACTERIAL & PEELING Systems - Concrete / Metal & Wood - Exterior / Interior - Floors / Walls / Ceilings / Linings - Below-Grade Waterproofing all the way up to the Roof. Look through the above tabs for arrange of services.

​Custom Driveway Overlay's


- Coating Installation

- Anti-Mold/Bacterial Peeling Coatings

- Fast Set Polyureas

- Minus 40 Below Systems

- Joint, Crack & Spall Repair
- Overlayments

- Tank & Wall Linings

- Industrial Decorative Systems
- Integral Color Stains
- Acid & Variety Stains
- Transparent/Translucent Color Sealers
- Re-Crystallization of Concrete
- Chemical Reactive Sealers

- Carbon / Fiber / Kevlar Reinforcement

- Glue, Mastic & Coating Removal

- Vapor & Core Testing

- Waterproofing

- Ultimate & Custom Garage Floors

- Swimming Pools

- River Rock Overlay's

- Color Quartz Overlay's

- Custom Driveway Overlayment's

- Water Repellant / Anti-Graffiti & Moisture Proofing
- Below-Grade Waterproofing
- In-Between Slab Waterproofing
- Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic Waterproofing Injection

- Elastomeric Coatings - Parking/Roofs/Decks

- Industrial Paints & Finishes

- Cost Estimating


Do not go through the high cost & drama in removing and replacing your concrete. From 30 to 50% less expensive with hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from. Concrete Cracks - Fiberlath Reinforcement Technology. For more information look under Concrete Overlayments tab.

Dazzle is a trowel-grade epoxy floor system with proprietary metallic additives. When adding pigments during the installation creates a very unique durable decorative floor. Unlimited color/designs. For more information look under the Dazzle tab.