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The difference between a Custom to a Ultimate Garage Floor - In the Ultimate Garage Floor we place a thicker coat of Industrial Epoxy and broadcast the Flake design until refusal (cannot see the epoxy no more). We place a thicker coat of Polyurethane Enamel. In a Custom Garage Floor we lightly broadcast the Flake  or to semi-refusal (still see some of the epoxy). The quality of the materials both systems are durable with longevity. Preference to the Owner.

Customize with Ultimate Protection to your Garage Floor, Day Room, Kitchen, Bathroom and other areas in your home. The durable system is great for Commercial Applications like as; Hospitals, Schools, Offices, Showrooms and Lunchrooms - Hundreds of Colors and Patterns. Industrial Grade Epoxy / Flake Design / Polyurethane Enamel Topcoat.


Ultimate Garage Floors