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Just above Freezing - Repair & Coating Installation 

After for has been Scarified 

Freezer / Refrigeration Repair

This page will be built soon. We have several lines and services for this category. Feel free to email or call for a certain service you may require or more information. Look through the different services for more repairs.

Completed - In use within a 1/2 hour

Minus - 4 F Freezer Threshold 

After Prep



Polyurethane Overlay to Reduce the Bump

Repairs - Polyurethane with Sand-Additive 

Repairs - Polyurethane with Sand-Additive 

Really Bad Bump Top of Ramp

Vacuum Grind

Repair done at -10 F Below-Zero

Repair done at -10 F Below-Zero

7 Years after Installation

Finished Coated Floor in Operation in a Couple Hours