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Hydro-Cooler Tunnel the temperatures range from -30 F to +100 F. The metal floor actually flex with the temperature changes.

There was approximately 200 holes from a size of a dollar bill to a size of a dime.

We could not Sand Blast the metal floor it was to thin in areas, we were also worried that it would enlarge the holes.

We grind the floor with steel brushes and then we pressure wash to remove any rust residue.

We installed a special Fiber-Tape with a 2-part Epoxy Paste and patch the holes.

We had great adhesion when we installed a coat of Rust Inhibitor Primer and 2 coats of Special Metal Industrial Epoxy.

It's holding up great after 3-years and we performed the same task in other tunnels in the plant.



Hydro-Cooler Lining



Novolac Epoxy Containment Installation

Foam Wall - Installed 80 mil 15 Second Cure Polyurea - Still Holding Up After 6 Years

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